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All trainings also available as online trainings!

One step ahead through knowledge and qualification.

We offer you specific trainings, which address different topics, to enhance your quality and efficiency of all stages of clinical projects.
All trainings include the requirements of the MDR. The training fee is reduced by 100€ for online trainings. The trainings can be held in German or English.

Clinical Research under MDR and ISO 14155:2020
One-day training for planning, execution and evaluation of clinical trials including hands-on workshop (Flyer).

  • 15.12.2021
  • 26.01.2022
  • on request

Clinical studies with medical devices (according to DIN EN ISO 14155:2021-05 and MDR)
This one-day training covers both, the principles and all relevant practical aspects for medical device manufacturers who want to carry out clinical studies. (Flyer)

  • 01.12.2021
  • 25.01.2022
  • on request

PMCF in accordance with MDR and MDCG

This half-day intensive seminar provides you with comprehensive information on the topic of PMCF, taking into account the latest requirements of the MDR and MDCG.

MDR/Medical Device Law Implementation Act (MPDG) investigator training (according to German Medical Association/Working group medical Ethic Committees)

MDR/MPDG-Basic training (1 day)

  • 02.12.2021
  • 11.01.2022
  • on request

MDR/MPDG-Advanced training (1 day)

  • on request

MDR/MPDG-Refresher training (half day)

  • 07.12.2021
  • 20.01.2022
  • on request

AMG/GCP investigator training (according to German Medical Association/Working group medical Ethic Committees)

AMG/GCP-Basic training (1 day)

  • on request

AMG/GCP-Advanced training (1 day)

  • on request

AMG/GCP-Refresher training (half day)

  • on request

AMG/GCP-Update training (half day)

  • on request

Monitoring of medical device studies – Training for CRAs

This training imparts knowledge about relevant fundamentals of medical devices and clinical trials, the difference between the monitoring process of drug trials and medical device trials, as well as the explanation of practice-oriented aspects. (Flyer)

  • 30.11.2021
  • 13.01.2022
  • on request

Clinical evaluation of medical devices according to MEDDEV 2.7/1 Rev. 4
The MEDDEV 2.7/1 regulation comprises detailed but challenging instructions for the preparation of a clinical evaluation, which were also included in the MDR. We offer a one-day intensive seminar which gives you all essential information for preparing a clinical evaluation independently. (Flyer).

  • on request

Publication of clinical study data
The training enables you to write, assess and publish a manuscript conform with regulations. One focus is the optimal use of your study data combining your scientific goals and marketing goals as best as possible. (Flyer)

  • on request

We also offer individual trainings that are adapted to your specific needs. If requested, we can conduct all trainings at place and/or time of your choosing.

To participate in an online training, the following technical requirements should be met:

  • Computer, Laptop, Tablet
  • Stable internet connection
  • Internet Explorer (at least 8.0), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari
  • Headset or at least speackers

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