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Welcome to ARTIMED® Medical Consulting GmbH,
specialists in clinical research

We offer customized services from development to marketing in the field of clinical research for medical devices and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

As an independent service company with a team of motivated and competent employees, we will also complete projects as required, according to tight deadlines.

Your satisfaction with the quality of our performance is our top priority.

Some topics of our trainings

Trainings for investigators and study personnel according to Medical Device Act or Medicinal Products Act

Our investigator trainings fulfill the formal and contentual requirements according to the demands of the German Medical Association/Working group medical Ethic Committees for investigators and their proxies or members of an investigator group. We offer basic training, advanced training, and refresher training.
Monitoring of medical device studies

This training comprises, aside from the basics of medical devices and clinical studies, the difference to monitoring of medicinal product studies and the teaching of practical aspects.
Clinical evaluation of medical devices

For the preparation of clinical evaluations there are detailed and demanding instructions in the current MEDDEV 2.7.1 guideline. We offer you a seminar, which will enable you to prepare clinical evaluations on your own.

ARTIMED® References

"We rely on the expertise and accuracy of ARTIMED Medical Consulting GmbH for the clinical data publication of our spinal disk implant."

- Innovative implant manufacturer

"Are you looking for a professional and flexible company to perform literature search but don't want to compromise on quality? Then contact ARTIMED Medical Consulting GmbH!"

- Manufacturer of medical devices with worldwide presence

"If you are looking for a dedicated team for project management and monitoring of clinical studies, then you are in the right place at ARTIMED Medical Consulting GmbH!"

- A leading manufacturer of medical devices in the field of cardiology

"The high-quality preparation of clinical data about continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion was the key to a successful publication in a renowned diabetes journal."

- A leading manufacturer of technologically advanced medical devices

"Preparation of clinical evaluations of our medical devices,compliant with established guidelines and with extremely professional results: that's what ARTIMED Medical Consulting GmbH stands for."

- Global market leader in the medical technology field

"We recommend ARTIMED Medical Consulting GmbH because of their specialist and customized approach to processing of clinical data with the best possible analysis of published material in mind."

- Brand-name manufacturer of innovative products in the orthopedic and sports medicine fields

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